Soul Retrieval & Soul Release


13607862963_bb44af5c4e_kSoul Retrieval

Traumas in life can often lead to soul losses. Often we don’t know exactly what or why something is missing, and we know it is. Soul retrieval work can restore those essential pieces of us in a graceful and incredibly fulfilling manner.

Soul Release

There are also traumas and interactions that result in picking up soul pieces that do not belong to us. Their essence can seem to haunt us and can be very difficult to release, even when we want to. Soul release encompasses cutting cords, and brings an immense sense of peace and sovereignty.

ceremonia de noche

Maya Medicine Wheel

We use the Maya Medicine Wheel to do the Soul Retrieval and Soul Release work. The use of a Maya Medicine Wheel for Soul Retrieval and Soul Release work draws from ancient Maya wisdom, and modern Yucatecan Maya curanderismo practices. Curanderismo is an eclectic Latin American Shamanic healing practice.

Soul Retrieval and Soul Release: Directional Glyphs and Understandings

soul-retrieval-south-curanderismo       soul-retrieval-south-curanderismo_2

Nohol (the South)—the place of discovery and understanding

soul-retrieval-west-curanderismo          soul-retrieval-west-curanderismo_2

Chikin (the West)—the place of death and releasing

soul-retrieval-north-curanderismo   soul-retrieval-north-curanderismo_2

Xaman (the North)—the place of ancestral wisdom, medicine, and guidance

soul-retrieval-east-curanderismo_1     soul-retrieval-east-curanderismo

Lahkin (the East)—the place of new beginnings

DSC_0178[2]While we start off at Nohol (the South), and likely close at Lahkin (the East), the work is very fluid and dynamic.

Depending on the person and their circumstances, after journeying to Nohol (the South), we may visit Xaman (the North) for ancestral wisdom and medicine, before going to Chikin (the West) to release, or we may return back to Nohol (the South) for a greater understanding and discovery of the Soul Retrieval or Soul Release.

After there is discovery, healing, release, ancestral guidance; a place where the soul can lovingly and safely return, or in cases of soul release, a graceful release, then we enter Lahkin. Lahkin, the place of new beginnings, celebrates the release or retrieval in a way that restores our sovereignty and inspires a greater journey of self-fulfillment and happiness.

Soul Retrieval incorporates:

Platicas (heart straightening talks and spiritual counseling)

Shamanic Journeying

Limpias, in-person or remote energy clearings

Shamanic Breathing Exercises

Body Postures to Facilitate The Journeying & Understanding

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

altarMedicine From The Chel (Rainbow) Colored Directional Points:

  • Chak Chel (red rainbow)
  • Kan Chel (yellow rainbow)
  • Ek Chel (Black Rainbow)
  • Zac Chel (White Rainbow)
  • Yax Chel (Green Rainbow)

Soul Retrieval and Soul Release Sessions

8314817053_20d5c95416_kSoul Retrieval and Soul Release are unique processes for every person, as it should be. Please and thank you for releasing your expectations of this work and how long it should take. While you may need to take a break and integrate the lessons, healings, and gifts, before coming to Lahkin, the process is unique for every person.

It is nonetheless one of the greatest gifts you may ever gift yourself, and allow you to move forward and be released from many kinds of stagnation.

Contact me to schedule a session. All first sessions are 90 minutes. Thereafter, they can be 60 minutes or remain at 90 minutes.

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