I attended my first Shamanic Serpent Journey in March. I received much more than I expected. I knew it would be a good experience but it was wonderful – and more!  I came in a victim of my life’s circumstances – and left as a new improved version of myself –  seeing the world – and myself differently – knowing I am in control of my life and am worthy of good. Life changes, people change, and life is still wonderful.  I felt so connected to nature and the universe and my ancestors. Additionally, the other participants are all such beautiful people. Thank you Miguel and Erika for such a beautiful, awakening, soul-searching/finding experience. You both are truly awesome, genuine, talented individuals!  Cant say enough about my experience.
Melinda R., 
Certified Hypnotherapist

I had no expectations other than my determination to heal my spirit, mind, and body. Yucatan, Mexico is the most perfect place to do this deep healing work and staying in Izamal, the Magic City where coconut trees and bougainvilleas grow wild is the perfect setting for healing. Drinking coconut water daily, connecting with beautiful people, connecting with the Ceiba trees, hearing the sounds of the jungle, are just some of the magical experiences I had while at Casa Curandera. Healing, feeling, and being with the universe at Casa Curandera, has ingrained in my heart, body and spirit that I am one with the universe and to never ever forget that.

Aracely Lozano,
Community Organizer

The Spring Serpent Journey was a magical experience. Izamal is a beautiful place, and Casa Curandera is gorgeous. Having the opportunity to visit all of the sacred sites and swim in the cenotes is an added bonus. All of the ceremonies are extremely healing and you get to know yourself better all while being taken care of by the loving presence of Erika and Miguel. Even though I only met Erika and Miguel a little over a year ago, I feel like I have known them for a lifetime. I can truly say that what they do is a labor of love. I’m a different person and the journey is a life changing experience. I am very grateful that I had the chance to go and I can’t wait to go back next spring!

High School Teacher

The Shamanic Serpent Journey changed my life. The depths of healing were unprecedented for me. The combination of the medicine ceremonies with the sacred sites and all other activities in this beautiful peaceful setting allowed me to heal things from my past I didn’t even know I needed healing for. It completely fixed and changed relationships in my life (family, boyfriend) in a way I hadn’t been able to in years. And overall it left me feeling empowered, fresh and happy. Erika and Miguel held such a beautiful space for us to do this work, and the intimate setting really allowed me to go deeper than I ever had before. Can’t recommend it enough!

Tati R.,
Healer/Reiki Master

I had a calling and the honor to attend my first SSJ in March of 2017. During my SSJ, I took part in a most amazing journey. Everything was so loving, kind, and clear, as I was being healed from self-afflictions. I now understand how to continue my progress of self love. Visiting the mystical Mayan ruins and cenotes, feeling all the ancestral energies that are preserved, and still present, within the magical remains are the rewards for all the hard work done. Casa Curandera is as magical as the city it is in, with every type of scenic serenity needed to set forward a relaxation mode. From the moment you arrive you are pampered and well taken care of. And the friendship/sisterhoods made during the time there, is the reinforcement needed to persevere, while there, and afterwards. I have manifested, joining the next SSJ- March ‘2018, and hope to re-meet, with my soul sisters/brothers, and anyone new.

M.D. Angeles,
Mother-&-Avid-Converter Of Negative Energies Into Positive Ones

They say a medicine ceremony is worth 20 years of therapy. So imagine 60+ years of therapy in one week. It’s like 24 hours of continuous healing. You start off the journey as a child uncertain of anything you know. And after 7 days you walk away a confident individual ready to take on the world. That’s how life altering this experience is. You will heal and get rid of junk you didn’t even know you were carrying. The only thing you need to do is arrive with an open mind and heart leaving all expectations at the airport. What you receive is so much more than you can possibly imagine. Also making lifelong friendships with like minded people is just the icing on the cake. And those of you who cannot swim, don’t deprive yourselves of the cenotes. Just bring along a life jacket, I did and it was AWESOME!!! This was my first time being in deep waters. If your feel ready to make some serious changes in your life then make every effort to experience this journey.
Thank you Erika and Miguel for doing all that you do. Your love and support is truly priceless.
Alex H., RN

The Shamanic Serpent Journey is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  I love Casa Curandara for the beautiful jungle-like atmosphere, the tranquility and the hammocks under the trees! Erika and Miguel are the ideal hosts, everything is taken care of for you.  Your only job is to  experience the wonderful transformation you will surely come to realize.  This is something that is a little difficult to explain until you experience it for yourself.  So if you are feeling called to this journey, I highly recommend that you dive right in.
A Good Sign
Susan H.,
Healer – Intuitive

Many retreats claim to be a total mind – body – spirit experience, but the Shamanic Serpent Journey under the guidance of Erika and Miguel Buenaflor actually delivers and more. This was a transformational involvement of spiritual principles along with archaeological exposure, and delightful preparations of healthy and nourishing foods selected for their healing properties. When combined with the fellowship of like-minded explorers, a synergy which is difficult to describe (because its on another plane) takes place. I loved it and felt recharged! I would recommend this journey for anyone who wants to improve their life.

Graphic Designer


First of all I’d like to thank Erika and Miguel for being such wonderful hosts! Literally everything was taken care of. And on this trip we got to see the serpent at Chichen Itza during the equinox, which felt very special! Everything on this trip has its purpose and its reasons. There is work to be done and the answers aren’t always apparent but clarity is what we strive for.
P. Goldsmith, Mother and Teacher

I had the great honor and pleasure to visit Izamal for SSJ September 2016. There are few words to describe how deeply connected the whole journey made me feel to our planet as well as myself. Being there having ceremony everyday with and without medicine, the ancient cities/ruins and powerfully charged cenotes we visit, doing the work on self and holding space for everyone else was truly beautiful. The property that we stay in is ah-mazing, spacious and within walking distance to the town center but secluded enough to feel like we are far away in our own little paradise. There is a before and after Shamanic Serpent Journey and I am profoundly greatful and overfilled with happiness to have experience this and for our facilitators for whom I have deep love and respect. I’ll be going again in September 2017.
Jonathan De La Torre,

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