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A guide to connecting with your ancestors and healing your lineage

• Shares traditional veneration rites and practices to connect with your ancestors,
including limpia rites, trance journeys, energy work, and sacred gardening

• Explores ancestral altar-making practices, sacred tools for altars, and how to
invite your ancestors to take an active role in intervening on your behalf

• Describes the deification process of esteemed ancestors and how this opens
access to special powers for those sharing that ancestor’s lineage

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Exploring the diverse and dynamic ancestral veneration rites of the ancient Mesoamericans as well as those practiced in contemporary curanderismo. Erika Buenaflor shows how we can draw from these traditions to reconnect with our ancestors, deepen our healing journeys, and shape our lives. She explains how ancestors contain a sacred energy that can continue in their direct physical heirs, be reborn in the landscape at sacred sites, or manifest in other beings that inhabited the same lands. She describes the deification process of esteemed ancestors and how this opens access to special powers for those sharing that ancestor’s lineage.

Buenaflor examines the sacred offerings and ceremonies used to invoke, renew, and strengthen an ancestor’s soul energies, which in turn ensured their aid, guidance, and intervention, as well as their well-being and comfort in the afterlife. She shares numerous veneration rites and healing practices to strengthen your bonds with your ancestors, including limpia rites, ritual craft-making, trance journeys, shamanic breathwork, energy work with past and present lives, sacred gardening, and ancestral altar-making. She introduces you to nepantla spirituality, the path of reclaiming sacred liminal space, and shows how you can heal your ancestral lineage and reclaim your esteemed ancestors, those who anchor you with a feeling of belonging to something greater, divine, and beautiful.

Whether you are able to create a long and detailed family tree or have no knowledge of your grandparents or even parents, this book offers many ways to connect with your spiritual forebears, heal your lineage, and receive spiritual aid as you reclaim your ancestors and welcome them into your life.

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