Medicine Music with Miguel Buenaflor and Erika Buenaflor

Medicine Music with Miguel Buenaflor

Miguel Buenaflor playing medicine music in the garden
Come (Cover) with Miguel and Erika Buenaflor

Medicine Music as an Accompaniment to the Journey of Healing

Miguel Buenaflor believes that Medicine Music can be a very profound avenue for our soul’s most inner expressions. In particular, expressions that speak to us through different phases of our lives, expressions to navigate the various thoughts and feelings we go walk through in this path of healing. The perfect song at the perfect moment can reflect a part of us waiting to be remembered and experienced. So what would happen if we intentionally started treating Music as a form of Medicine? For instance, medicine to help us reconnect and awaken the parts of us yearning to be whole again. When we stop and really think about it, music plays such an integral part to our conscious and emotional reality.

For those of us that have embarked on a path to self exploration and healing, it would only make sense to have music that could support us through this journey. Songs that reflected back onto my spiritual development. Melodies to help us articulate the emotions that we could not find words for, or to help us realize a greater truth where we once stumbled blindly in the dark searching. Harmonies to make us smile while we look out our window with deep gratitude for the birds, trees, flowers and the song of the gentle breeze. Lyrics that inspire us to be the person we came here to be, in the here and now.

Below you will find our humble contribution to the world of Medicine Music.

I pray that the part of my heart playing this music reaches the part of yours that receives it …. and aides you through this personal journey unfolding.

Moon Ceremonies & Cacao Ceremonies

Join Erika Buenaflor & Miguel Buenaflor as we honor a specific phase of the Moon Cycle for a Moon Ceremony or honor the sacred gifts of the Cacao spirit in our Cacao Ceremonies. To begin with, we celebrate each event as Erika takes everyone through Magical Rituals based on Mesoamerican practices and teachings, shamanic breathwork and limpias for those coming in person. There will also be guided journeywork led by Erika and accompanied by a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath and Medicine Music with Miguel. So that our hearts will open further with various songs to help us integrate any teachings or discoveries back into our emotional bodies.

Note: Moon Ceremonies are either virtual or in-person. Cacao Ceremonies are only in-person and include a cup of delicious Cacao.

Miguel Buenaflor Black and White photo with Guitar
Miguel Buenaflor & Erika Buenaflor – Moon Ceremonies & Cacao Ceremonies
Miguel Buenaflor Smiling in a White Shirt
Miguel Buenaflor – Conscious Musician

About Miguel Buenaflor

Miguel Buenaflor is a Conscious Musician, and through Medicine Music, opens the pathways for healing and awakening the spirit within. After a transformative trip to Peru, he has honed his skills through guitar, drum and voice as a Conscious Musician. Ultimately, with a focus on Icaros and other Medicine Musics. Presently, Miguel co-facilitates shamanic, curanderismo and breathwork classes through Sound Baths. Coupled with facilitations for modern Mesoamerican cleansing ceremonies. In fact, he became captivated with ancient Mesoamerican culture after visiting the Maya sacred sites of Belize and Guatemala in mid-2012. He also fell deeply in love with someone who was absolutely exuberant about Mesoamerican culture, his now wife, Erika Buenaflor.

Miguel’s soulful lyrics of compassion and self-reflection has served to hold space for the journeys of many like-minded seekers. A student of music and the mysteries of life, Miguel intends to touch the hearts of all beings on this earth, one melody at a time.

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