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Each Meditation Oil is specifically crafted with a unique oil blend of premium essential oils; infused with 22-33 different crystals and minerals; placed in a cobalt blue glass bottle, cobalt blue glass has been known to effectively hold and amplify a quantified energy; and has its own logo reflecting the intention of the Meditation Oil.

Meditation on its own has phenomenal health benefits. Meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation with its core principals of being present, detached, and an objective observer can also vastly increase our intuitive and emotional intelligence. When we couple meditation with a stimulation of the olfactory system with pleasing therapeutic scents, we can induce a meditative state much quicker and obtain the amazing benefits of meditation.

Gifting yourself with meditation and its benefits, even if only for 2-5 minutes a day, is a discipline of self-love. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. Our brains are plastic and our neural pathways can be rewired structurally and functionally to realize a desired outcome—self-directed neuroplasticity in action. Being in a present, detached and objective state can become rather effortless, a state where you always embody vital life skills—emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence, and self-love.

To help inspire a discipline of self-love we also charge our Meditation Oils with the virtues of the specific Rays of Light, as well as the Cosmic Rays of Light. The Rays of Light are the etheric prisms of refracted Light or Divine Consciousness that beam forth the Essence of Creation. We call upon the specific Chohans—Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elohim, who tend the Rays of Light to anoint the Meditation Oil with the gifts or virtues of the Sacred Fires of that Ray of Light.

We intend on providing powerful and practical tools that help us move beyond stressors and illusions; be walking meditative grace, as well as realize our infinite potential.

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