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From Now until December 31st, 2023, purchase One Deck and get access to Two Exclusive Classes (click here) on the Mesoamerican Divinatory Day Signs, which will be available to watch/rewatch through 12/31/23. The second class you WILL NOT want to miss! Erika Buenaflor will be discussing in-depth divinatory work with each Day Sign glyph, beyond what’s explained in the Mesoamerican Oracle Card Guidebook (guidebook comes with each deck). 

Do you already have a deck, but want access to the classes? Buy a deck as a present for your niece, nephew, cousin, a friend or loved one that could use some guidance, as a traveling companion,… let’s keep this sacred wisdom alive and relevant for our loved ones and future generations!

You can get access to these exclusive classes by purchasing a deck from us (click the “Add to Cart” button below), or from one of our amazing retail supporters (click here).

When you purchase a deck from us, you will immediately receive a Order Confirmation Email with a link to Download the Workshop PDF file. The Workshop PDF file will contain the information of the workshops and the link to watch the complimentary workshops.

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Mesoamerican Oracle Cards

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Intending to inspire the continued use and understanding of the ancient Mesoamerican tradition of doing divinatory work with the day signs, the Mesoamerican Oracle Cards invite us to connect with these day signs, and learn their sacred gifts and teachings. The Mesoamerican Oracle Cards are comprised of two divinatory calendars: the 20-day signs of the Central Mexico’s divinatory calendar, the Tonalpohualli, and the 20-day signs of the Maya’s divinatory calendar, Tzolk’in

There are a total of forty cards or forty-day signs. Each card identifies the name of the day sign at the top of the card and its contemporary spiritual significance at the bottom, making it ideal for both beginners and professional readers. Each card depicts the ancient Mesoamerican glyph of each day sign from both divinatory calendars. As sacred entities in their own right, these day signs can provide invaluable insight on our path and the steps we need to take to live a more prosperous and abundant life. 

The guidebook introduces the ancient and contemporary meanings of each day sign, and the powerful insight and messages they offer in guiding us on our spiritual journeys. You’ll learn how to conduct oracle readings with these day signs for yourself and others, and help preserve their use and understandings. 

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