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Platicas, Spiritual Counseling

Coming into a spiritual awakening and would love some guidance?

Is there a specific issue or issues you are unclear about, and would appreciate clarity on?

Are you constantly striving to fill a certain sense of emptiness, but unsure where this sense of emptiness is coming from?

Do you feel trapped and unsure how you will get out of an undesirable situation? COME… All are welcome here. Release the burdens weighing heavy on your heart. Gain not only clarity, but enthusiasm and motivation to realize your BLISS! Schedule your spiritual counseling session today.

Platicas, An Ancient Curanderismo Practice

Curanderismo is a Latin American healing shamanic practice. It approaches healing by integrating an understanding of the soul and spirit with the body and mind. Generally, it is a blend of Latin American Indigenous, Spanish, Native American, Moorish, Judiac, Carribbean, and African practices.

The practice of curanderismo platicas (heart straightening talks or spiritual counseling), verbally confessing a story, and the curandere/x asking questions for a further release is an ancient practice.

The Aztec for example had the cihuatlamacazque (female priests) and tlamacazque (male priests) perform platicas for healing and restoration. The purpose of heart straightening was to restore internal order to the individual’s physical being by returning the heart to its proper place from which it had been dislocated. Verbal expression was understood as being curative by ejecting the energies associated with the story from the body. Tlazolteotl, the goddess of restoration and filth, was believed to remove people’s impurities during the platica, while her earthly diviners were responsible for listening and inquiring.

The tradition of curing through platicas lives on as an interweaving of spiritual counseling, coaching and shamanic energy clearing. Platicas are an essential tool in curing, healing and self-discovery.

Our Platicas will integrate spiritual counseling, coaching and limpias (shamanic energy clearing).

Typical Flow of Platicas, Counseling Sessions

During our sessions, you first express what you would like to have addressed.

I then walk you through a relaxing meditation to induce a subtle meditative state, often called shamanic journeying or vision quests. This state can be induced with shamanic breathing, stimulation of the olfactory system, the rattle, drumming, presence, voice intonations and/or cadence. Yes, I can induce a meditative state with anyone under any circumstances. This meditative state will help, at least momentarily, to revisit the core issue(s) from an emotionally and mentally balanced state.

We go through a series of coaching questions to help you to get to YOUR truth. We always know what needs to be done, how to do it, and what our ideal or bliss is. It is however incredibly helpful to hear on deeper levels what this truth is, particularly while in a meditative state. We also explore ideal ways for you to set your truth-bliss into action. We close with motivation, excitement and instilling passion towards your GOAL.

Prosperity Exchange for Platicas, Counseling Sessions

One hour is $125/hr

*The sessions can be done via Skype/Google Meet or Telephone. In-person sessions are also available in Tujunga, CA.

Realize Your Bliss