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Realize Your Bliss and Live It!


The Events Realize Your Bliss Offers Aim to Nourish The Soul.

They incorporate: the Arts, Mindfulness Meditation, Acu-Yoga, Energy Healing, Spiritual Alchemy, Intuition Development, Conscious Single Events, Hiking, Shamanism, the Art of Compassion & Love, SIMPLICITY, etc…

We are building an awakening community of heart-centered people that are Realizing Their BLISS, on many levels. Join us!!!   

Erika_Buenaflor_ZenRealize Your Bliss also offers an assortment of counseling, healing, and clearing services through Erika Buenaflor. The Services that Erika provides, include:

She blends her experience and training in various healing modalities, mindfulness meditation, self-directed neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally towards a desired outcome, NLP and shamanism to inspire and motivate people to realize their BLISS + LIVE IT!  

Your Existence is Truly Infinite!

Merge with Your Existence(s) where You are Living Your Bliss, Living Your Dream!