Sobaderismo, Full Body Treatments


60 Minute Session

Love YOU and Treat Your Body to An Ecstatic Energetic Healing and Rejuvenating Lavish Bodywork with a shamanic body healing practice, sobaderismo.

Allow The Heated and Charged Basalt Stones and Crystals, The Magic of the Meditation Oils, Energy Healing, Massage Therapies Take You An Unforgettable Journey of:

  • Deep Soothing Relaxation
  • Extraordinary Healing
  • Incredible Energy Revitalization

The Massage therapies, include acupressure, shiatsu, deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, and heated stones and crystals. I use a circuit of heated basalt stones and cystals to allow me to go deeper into the body.

I touch on particular acupressure points to release stress held in the body, and energy that needs to be released.

The Meditation Oils I typically use are Emotional Intelligence aka Master Alchemists’ Liquid Violet Fire, and Courage & Power aka First Ray. These oils facilitate the process of releasing and clearing energy, as well as transmuting dense energies held in the body.

I also intuitively use energy healing on the cellular memory held in the body to facilitate a profound healing.

Prosperity Exchange for Sobaderismo Treatments are $145 for 60 Minutes

*The Cellular Memory Bodywork is only done in Tujunga, CA.

Realize Your Bliss