Shamanic Energy Clearing


60 Minute Session

  • If you feel like your energy has been sapped for some time
  • Would like a comprehensive clearing of energies held by negative thoughts, beliefs, statements, or ideas you (may) have released
  • Interested in a thorough clearing of the energies of prior traumas, patterns, or removal of blocks
  • Would you love some help clearing residuals in your body that may be supporting illness or disease?
  • Interested in taking a preventative approach to ensure that your body is doing what it is intended to do, heal and regenerate itself? (Letting go of traditional beliefs concerning aging and the body is also helpful.)
  • Then, a Shamanic Energy Clearing would be perfect for you

These energy clearings work with the highest Light of your I Am presence, and are shamanic in nature, in that, they work throughout many of your existences and dimensions.

General Flow of the Sessions

You simply sit back, relax and receive. An energy clearing generally takes the full hour because it is often necessary for you to hear what is being cleared.

These sessions can be done remotely through Skype/Google Meet or Telephone. They can also be done in-person in Tujunga, CA. Contact me to schedule a session.

The prosperity exchange for the sessions is $125 for 60 Minutes

The sessions are always tailored for you. They can include a combination of any of the following, either chosen specifically by you and/or my intuitive guidance of other clearings-healings that may be needed:

  • Energy Clearing and Healing—energetic clearing of chakras, meridians, bodies, fields
  • Resolving Karma, this existence and others
  • Emotional Trauma Sweep and transmuting related negative profiles
  • Physical  Trauma Sweep and transmuting related negative profiles
  • Resolving Rape/Molest from this Life, Past Lives and Genetics, this existence and others
  • Resolution of Curses from all Times and Dimensions and carried from genetic lines
  • Release of Non-Serving Contracts and Covenants, this existence and others
  • Removal of Non-Serving Alien Genetics and Implants
  • Releasing Harm Cords, Sealing Wedges and Control Compartments, this existence and others
  • Astrological Blocks to Mastery
  • Offering of various Sovereignty Shields
  • Defined Re-scripting, any blocks defined by you supporting your suppression to higher consciousness and restoration of your Divine Oneness
  • Genetic Predisposition to Illnesses
  • Man-made Drug Sweep
  • Foreign DNA and Energy Sweep
  • Monthly Blood, Energy and Lymph Sweep
  • Monthly Toxic Metal Sweep
  • Monthly Chemical and Gas Sweep
  • Monthly Organism Sweep—Parasites, Candida Overgrowth, Worms, Flukes, Protozoa
  • Silicone Implanted Device or Constituent
  • Brain/Nervous System
  • Eyes/Vision
  • Hearing/Auditory Function
  • Lungs/Respiratory System
  • Heart/Cardiovascular System
  • Endocrine System
  • Female or Male Reproductive System
  • Liver/Gallbladder/Kidneys/Bladder

All sessions are 60 minutes.

Realize Your Bliss