Mesoamerican Divination Readings


60 Minute Session

To Allow For A More Specific & Meaningful Divinatory Reading, the Mesoamerican Divination Readings interweave:

  1. A Platica (heart straightening talk)
  2. Divination Reading with the Mesoamerican Oracle Cards:
    • Use of the Maya Tzolk’in Divinatory Signs
    • Use of the Central Mexican Tonalpohualli Divinatory Signs
  3. The Card Spread we will use will depend on what is covered in the platica and your question(s)
    • We may also integrate the meanings of the cardinal spaces that govern the day signs that came up for you
    • We will discuss the ancient Mesoamerican wisdom guiding the day signs that came up for you

First, we have a platica (heart straightening talk or spiritual counseling) as to what you would like to inquire about. Then, I use the Mesoamerican Oracle Cards that draw from the 20-day signs of the Central Mexico’s divinatory calendar, the Tonalpohualli, and the 20-day signs of the Maya’s divinatory calendar, Tzolk’in.

Depending on your question, I will decide the appropriate throw (positioning of the cards), similar to a tarot reading with an application of Mesoamerican Curanderismo wisdom. The throw, corresponding cards and the directional energies will indicate:

  • Blind-Spots (they are always on point)
  • The Energies and Tools that will Guide and Lead You to Your Goal
  • Discuss Your Most Likely Path and How to Adjust It, as Needed
  • Your Exito (Success or Realization)

If time permits and you are interested, we can also discuss daily practices, very accessible complimentary herbal and flower tools, and lunar rites to help procure a more graceful realization of your goal or BLISS.

Contact me to schedule a session. All sessions are 60 minutes.


Realize Your Bliss