Curanderismo Limpias, In-Person


Curanderismo Limp8686686679_e399c2d86e_hias are a cleansing of our bodies, fields, parts, particles, and essence, on a quantum level. They are generally combined with Platicas (Heart Straightening Talks or Spiritual Counseling) and Shamanic Energy Clearing.

Limpias are done in person in Altadena. Depending on what is needed for you they can involve cleansing with:

  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Honey
  • White Fire or Fire Sticks
  • Herbs, Flowers, and/or Prepared Waters for Baños
  • Puro (sacred tobacco) Cleansing
  • Florida Water
  • Coconut Water
  • Milk and other Herbs & Spices
  • Smudging & Feather Fanning
  • Egg Sweeps & Egg Divination. Egg limpias can be tools that become a doorway to read the soul, and determine what type of work is needed. It is in a sense a reading and a cleansing in one.
  • Herbal Broom Sweeps
  • The Power of The Spoken Word

9270969497_9373f94296_zI generally will always perform some kind of limpia for all in-person sessions. Contact me to schedule a session.

All first sessions are 90 minutes. Thereafter, they can be 60 minutes or remain at 90 minutes.

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